How We’re Green

Want to know more about EcoUrban? Here are all the ways in which we are green:


  • Many of our products incorporate recycled materials, including our garden soil, compost barrels and rain barrels.
  • We use post-consumer crushed concrete as a construction aggregate.
  • We return all plastic plant pots back to growers for re-use.
  • We re-use many office materials, including reuse of waste paper as scratch/note paper.

Community Engagement — EcoUrban teaches workshops to the community on:

  • Urban rainwater harvesting
  • Composting
  • Water management
  • Edible landscapes


  • Our office building is insulated using reused plastic water bottles.
  • We have solar panels on our roof.
  • Open windows on all four sides of our office form a breezeway, passively cooling our office.
  • We have 100% passive solar lighting during daylight hours.
  • Deciduous trees are planted outside our office, which provide summer shade and winter sun for passive heating/cooling. These trees soak up the majority of storm runoff on-site.
  • Our outdoor sink drains into a bioswale, where plants purify and soak up the water, rather than re-directing water into the sewer (municipal water purification has an extremely high carbon footprint).
  • We have very few concrete surfaces — most of our office lot is permeable.


  • We use the gas-saving EcoUrban scooter to commute to meetings whenever possible.
  • We provide recycling and compost bins for our staff to use.
  • We provide bike parking for employees.


  • Travis Cleaver earned his Landscape Architecture license in 2014.
  • Demetria Christo earned her B.S. from Tulane University in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2006.
  • Both owners have earned permaculture design certificates.
  • Demetria has eight years’ experience in marine science ecosystems.
  • Travis has 12 years of landscaping experience.

LEED Points Available:

Landscapes integrate a built structure into its surrounding ecology, enhancing a site’s sustainability, water efficiency and outdoor air quality. Thirty-one LEED points (up to 77% of the 40 minimum points needed for LEED certification) are available by using EcoUrban’s sustainable landscape design principles.