• General

    Are site visits free?

    Yes, Site Visits are free. Click here to let us know what design features interest you.
    Are Estimates free?

    Only maintenance estimates and simple installation estimates which do not require a design are free. Fees will apply for landscape and custom structure designs.
    Do you accept credit cards?

    Visa, MasterCard, Discover. A 2.5% surcharge applies to cover fees.


    Do you install water-efficient irrigation systems?

    Yes. It’s our specialty. We install low-water, LEED-recommended drip, micro-irrigation and hard irrigation systems, complete with a rain sensor so that you’re only watering when you have to. Add a cistern to irrigate with rain water!
    I already have an irrigation system. How can I retrofit it to be more water efficient?

    A rain sensor and seasonal timer adjustment will ensure that your irrigation does not run when it is not needed. Additionally, most irrigation systems can be retrofitted to use a rain-fed cistern.
    What can I do about drainage issues and flooding in my yard?

    French drains, bioswales, proper grading and irrigation rain sensors are all potential solutions to drainage issues.
    Do you have energy-efficient lighting options?

    Yes. Also our specialty. We install LED lighting with soft yellow filters for a comfortable, energy-efficient system that uses a third of the wattage as conventional systems.


    Are your products safe for my kids and pets?

    Yes. We use only non-toxic, eco-friendly products and practices to keep your yard, family and pets safe.
    Do you use Cypress mulch?

    Never! Because logging for cypress mulch contributes to Louisiana wetlands loss, we use only locally-harvested pine straw or recycled hardwood mulch.


    I want to compost. How do I get started?

    Congratulations! Composting is one of the easiest ways to have a positive impact on the environment! Check out our Composting Cheat Sheet and other handouts in Resources.
    Does compost smell bad?

    No! Properly balanced compost smells wonderful—like humus on the forest floor. By composting instead of throwing food scraps in your kitchen trash, you can actually remove smells from your kitchen!
    My compost is really dry and nothing seems to be breaking down.

    Sounds like there are too many “browns” (carbon rich materials) like dried leaves in your compost. Add more “greens” (nitrogen rich materials) like grass clippings.

    My compost is really wet and smells like ammonia.

    There aren’t enough “browns”. Add 2 scoops of soil to re-innoculate with the beneficial microbes, more worms, and mix with around 50% leaves. Mix to aerate. This should add more carbon and oxygen to your compost mix, helping the materials decompose properly.

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