EcoUrban Cisterns: the smart way to save water while saving money.

The average household consumes 400 gallons of municipal water per day, with 30% being used outdoors. This translates to 43,000 gallons of water used outdoors per household per year according to the Environmental Protection Agency. A 1,500 gallon rainwater cistern offsets nearly all outdoor municipal water usage, and can pay for itself in only six years.

Addtionally, the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board is increasing water rates by 10% annually through 2020, but our rain-fed cistern irrigation systems allow you to save up to 30% on your water bill.

Installed by our licensed irrigation contractors, EcoUrban’s cisterns capture rainwater for all of your outdoor water needs, including landscape irrigation, pools and car washing.

We are the local industry experts in cistern installation.

  • Seven years combined cistern installation experience
  • 20 years combined landscape construction experience
  • Two Licensed irrigation contractors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Get a Quote
  • EcoProduct 1300 Gallon Cistern Square-cropped
  • Pressurized Rainwater Cisterns

    Make the most of a rainy day. Your plants deserve the best, chlorine-free water available. Our rain-fed cistern irrigation systems can be installed from scratch, or retrofitted to your existing irrigation system.

    EcoUrban’s cisterns are made from FDA-approved food-grade polyethylene plastic, properly sealed from pests.

    Features include: polyethylene cistern, pressure sensitive pump, municipal water backup system, first flush system, Leaf Beater double-screen filter, overflow siphon and multi-zone Rain Bird irrigation controller with rain sensor.

  • EcoProduct 500 Gallon Cistern Square-cropped
  • Passive Flow Cisterns

    These cisterns are built on platforms and utilize gravity to create pressure.

    Features include: polyethylene cistern, Leaf Beater double-screen filter and battery-operated timer designed for a passive flow drip irrigation systems.


  • Cedar Cistern 6500-gal-cistern
  • Historic Facade Cisterns

    Historically, almost every New Orleans home had a cistern.

    We use modern materials for our cisterns and offer an optional cedar facade for a look that honors New Orleans’s architectural heritage.

Check out this gallery for more photos of our work.